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At The Motorcycle Injury Attorneys, our unwavering dedication and proven expertise are tailored precisely for victims of motorcycle accidents, with a specialized focus on spinal injuries. Founders Mike Deering and Chris Hedrick have seamlessly combined over 30 years of legal experience with a personal commitment to the motorcycle community in Virginia Beach and the greater Hampton Roads region. Their unique perspective as riders themselves enhances their empathy and understanding toward clients, transforming every case into a mission to achieve justice for fellow bikers.

The Reality of Spinal Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries, making up approximately 38% of all SCI cases annually. A significant portion of these injuries comes from motorcycle accidents. Unlike passengers in a car, motorcycle riders have minimal protection, making them especially vulnerable to severe injuries, including those to the spinal cord, during collisions.

Spinal injuries from motorcycle accidents can range from mild, such as bruises and sprains, to severe, including complete or incomplete spinal cord injuries. The latter can lead to partial or total paralysis, a life-changing outcome that necessitates long-term care and rehabilitation.

Seeking Medical Attention: A Critical Step

Immediate medical attention after a motorcycle crash is non-negotiable, especially if there’s any suspicion of a spinal injury. Symptoms such as back or neck pain, numbness, weakness, or reduced mobility are red flags. Emergency services should be called to the scene to ensure the injured person is appropriately immobilized and transported to the hospital for further evaluation, as improper movement can exacerbate spinal damage.

At the hospital, medical professionals will likely perform various imaging tests, such as X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs, to diagnose the injury accurately. Treatment depends on the injury’s severity but may range from immobilization to surgery and extensive rehabilitation.

Long-Term Impact and Recovery

The road to recovery from a spinal cord injury can be long and challenging, often involving a combination of surgery, physical therapy, and lifestyle adjustments to accommodate decreased mobility. Individuals who suffer from SCI might face significant changes in their day-to-day life, including the need for assistive devices, home modifications, and potentially ongoing medical care.

Navigating Legal Waters After a Spinal Injury

A spinal injury sustained in a motorcycle accident can also have considerable legal implications. Determining fault is critical, as this can influence the injured party’s ability to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. Compensation may cover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

Injured parties are strongly advised to consult with a personal injury attorney experienced in motorcycle accidents. Doing so can help them understand their rights, the extent of their insurance coverage, and the steps necessary to secure financial recovery. Essential evidence in such cases includes witness testimony, police reports, and detailed medical records documenting the injury and its impact on the patient’s life.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise Grounded in Experience

Both Mike and Chris are not only seasoned attorneys but also avid motorcycle enthusiasts. This dual identity equips them with an intimate knowledge of the risks and intricacies involved in motorcycle riding, especially on the bustling streets and highways of Virginia Beach. Their legal strategies are fortified by personal insights, making them exceptionally adept at navigating the complexities of motorcycle accident cases involving spinal injuries.

Cutting-Edge Legal Technology

Our firm harnesses the power of advanced legal technologies to dissect accident scenes and scrutinize vehicle dynamics and medical evidence comprehensively. This meticulous approach ensures that every facet of your case is carefully analyzed and utilized to strengthen your claim.

A Network of Specialists

To bolster your case further, we collaborate with a vast network of medical experts and investigators. This alliance guarantees that our clients not only receive top-tier legal representation but also access to the highest quality of care and support for their recovery.

A Track Record That Speaks Volumes

Our dedication has culminated in securing substantial settlements and verdicts for victims of spinal injuries, ensuring that they are compensated for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Each victory not only exemplifies our legal prowess but also reiterates our commitment to the well-being of our clients.

Personalized, Client-centric Service

Every case at The Motorcycle Injury Attorneys is treated with the utmost priority and personalized care. Mike and Chris are directly involved at every stage of the legal process, from initial consultation to the final verdict. This hands-on approach ensures that our clients are consistently informed and supported, fostering a relationship built on trust and transparency.

Client Testimonials

“Mike is a phenomenal lawyer. Willing to find a way to handle a case with very short notice, and do the diligence needed to represent you exceptionally.” – J.P.

Begin Your Journey to Justice

Suffering a spinal injury in a motorcycle accident can be life-altering. It’s a time filled with uncertainty, pain, and financial burden. But you don’t have to face it alone. At The Motorcycle Injury Attorneys, we stand ready to fight on behalf of motorcycle accident victims across Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads region. With Mike Deering and Chris Hedrick at the helm, rest assured that your case is in the hands of empathetic professionals who will go the extra mile to secure the compensation and justice you deserve.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step toward turning a challenging situation into a story of triumph.

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